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Based out of beautiful Hobart, Tasmania; Our Creative Video Production Agency is all about showcasing who you are, and what you have to offer your clients in a unique and creative way through Cinematography and Motion Graphics. Our love for producing amazing high quality content shows in our work. Supporting local businesses in Commercial and Cinema Advertising along with showing your personality through our personal Web Design, Hungry Hippo Media along with Wednesday Pictures will produce your next incredible high-end-result!

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About Hungry Hippo Media

We are a unique design agency located in Hobart, Tasmania and we have over 15 Years experience in Post-Production, Design & Integration

Part of our discovery into learning design and producing great looking results for clients has been spent in various High-End Post-Production Studios and Television Networks throughout Sydney,  as well as Editing Shorts, Music Videos and Showreels along with Animation and Filming.

Another part of our background was at Sonic’s (now Roxio) headquarters in Burbank, California for advanced training and collaboration in Blu-ray and HD-DVD as part of the HD Authoring Alliance during it’s early stages.

Together as an integral part of Wednesday Pictures, we have a solid foundation for creating amazing end results in Video Production and Multimedia Services.

We provide an integration of services


Cinema & TV Advertising

Music Video Production

Editing & Animation


Website Design & Integration



Social Media Advertising

Creative Branding

Event Highlights Showreel

Tourism Promotional Videos


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We are the backbone of Wednesday Pictures

Hippo Media Services

We offer high quality, technical expertise and creative integration for your business and products.

Music Videos

Alongside Wednesday Pictures we work to bring you outstanding music videos at an affordable price. Check out our Music Video Site (Coming Soon) 

Unique Website Design

We offer professional and affordable website design that is personalised to you and your business by creating Content Based and Richer End-User Experience.

Editing, Encoding and Blu-Ray Authoring

From the camera to the screen, we handle everything in-between!

Commercials & Cinema Adverts

Are you after a Commercial or Promo for Television or Cinema? Whether you want a short 15sec spot that’s animated with a voice-over or a fully filmed ad, we will write and produce your next selling point at a very competitive price.

Social Media Advertising

YouTube, Facebook or your own website; with a creative writer on hand and in the field of Psychology, we will make your next online still or video advert something to remember. Your target audience will not be able to resist that click!  

Event Highlight & Showreel

Do you have an upcoming Corporate or Tourism event that needs a cinematographer’s point of view to share with the rest of the world? We will cover the event and mash up a highlight reel with music for your social media coverage.  We can also provide interviews with your event attendees!

Tourism Promotional Videos

Tourism Tasmania: Look no further! Are you part of the hospitality or tourism industry of our beautiful island. We creatively think outside the box to attract more visitors to your doorstep. 

Real Estate Walk-Through Promo Videos

With the majority of house buyers doing their footwork online, give them the best view of the home with a professional walk through video. Aim it at home or investment buyers. 

Contact us for a chat about your upcoming project.

Our prices are affordable and competitive!


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A Hippo’s Portfolio

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

Provisions Cafe Melbourne
  • Playmaster Playout
  • Digital Versatile Developments
  • Provisions Cafe
  • Earthlink Earthworms
  • Mamma Mia Pizza & Pasta
  • Tina Van Raay
  • Motionlink
  • Revegit
  • Technicolor
  • Gerry Greenland
  • Wednesday Pictures
  • Art Pub School NSW, AU



Hippo Credits

We believe in a diverse design experience to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.
Check out our credits list!

– Discovery Atlas: Australia Revealed
– Various Motionlink Blu-ray Demo discs

ABC: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

– Mipcom Showreel March 2005
– Mipcom Showreel Sep 2005
– Mipcom Showreel March 2006
– Mipcom Showreel Sep 2006
– Miptv Showreel March 2007


-Big Nothing
-The Dog Problem
-Bickford Shmecklers Cool Ideas
-You Kill Me
-Air Buddies


Classical Destinations Series 1
Classical Destinations Educational Series:
Sampler Disc


-Compile March 05
-HWT Presentation DVD 04/05
-Now you see it 05/05 – Preview dvd
-Various Showreels and Previews


-Go Further – Ron Mann
-The Silent Force
-Twist – Ron Mann
-Weapons of Mass Deception
-Comic Book Confidential – Ron Mann
-A Loving Father
-Stealing a Nation
-Girl in a mirror
(technical and creative producer + DVD Author)
-Black Coffee


Saturday Night Live:
– The Best of Dana Carvey
– The Best of Phill Hartman
– The Best of Will Ferrell
– The Best of Will Ferrell Vol 2
– The Best of Christopher Walken
– The Best of Dan Akroyd
– The Best of John Belushi
– The Best of Jimmy Fallon
– The Best of Tom Hanks
– The Best of Mike Myers
– The Best of Eddie Murphy
– The Best of Steve Martin
– The Best of Jon Luvitz
– The Best of David Spade
– The Best of Alec Baldwin
– The Bad Boys of SNL
– First Five Years
– 25th Anniversary
– Remembers Chris Farley
-Various Preview Discs
-Various Showreels

-School of Life
-Jack Frost 2
-Straight Jacket
-Bare Sex
-Passionate Deceptions
-Dangerous Sex Games
-Stephen Kings:
– Riding the Bullet
-Undercover Kids
-The Trip
-Illicit Sins
-Lenny the Wonder Dog
-Passion before Midnight
-The Ape

-The Honorable
-Prom Queen
-American Soldiers
-A Very Cool Christmas
-Going the Distance
-A Little Trip To heaven
-Surf School
-Gamebox 1.0
-Big Eden
-Grim Love
-Latin Dragon
-Night Skies
-Rollin with the Nines
-The Retrievers
-The Ridge
-Bob the Butler
-Traces of a Dragon
-Kids in America

(Ultimate Fighting Championship
Authoring & Motion Menus Editing)
-UFC: 47
-UFC: 48
-UFC: 49
-UFC: 50 War of ‘04
-UFC: Super Saturday
-UFC: 52
-UFC: 53
-UFC: Ultimate Knockouts 1&2
-UFC: Ultimate Knockouts 3
-UFC: 54
-UFC: 55
-UFC: 56
-UFC: 57
-UFC: 58

-UFC: 59
-UFC: 60
-UFC: 61
-UFC: 62
-UFC: 63
-UFC: 64
-UFC: 65 Bad Intentions
-UFC: 66
-UFC: 67
-UFC: 68
-UFC: 69
-UFC: 70
-UFC: Ultimate Knockouts 4
-UFC: 71 Liddell VS Jackson
-UFC: 72 Victory


-Annual 2006 DVD
Annual 2007 DVD
Annual 2008 DVD


Through Screen Ventures

-Choose Me
-Old Boy
-Hennery: Portrait of a serial Killer
-One Missed Call
-The Pillow Book
-Easy Rider, Raging Bull
-One Missed Call
-Hoop Dreams
-8 1/2 Women
-Memories of a murder
-Natural City
-The Deal
-School for Seduction

-Mercano the Martian
-The Woodsman
-London Voodoo
-Unforgivable Blackness
The Machinist
-Seducing Doctor Lewis
Mean Creek
Dear Wendy (5.1 Main Menu Audio Mix + Video)
Creep (5.1 Main Menu Audio Mix)
-Three Extremes
-Shadow of Time
-Dinotopia the movie
-Dinotopia the series

Moby Dick (Hallmark reprise)
Alice in wonderland (Hallmark reprise)
-Oh Marbella
-Siam Sunset
-Off Beat
Rear Window
-10th Kingdom (Hallmark reprise)
-Arabian Nights (Hallmark reprise)
Gulliver’s Travels (Hallmark reprise)
Jason and the Argonauts (Hallmark reprise)
Merlin (Hallmark reprise)
Snow Queen (Hallmark reprise)
-The Canterville Ghost (Hallmark reprise)
-The Odyssey (Hallmark reprise)
-The Voyage of the Unicorn (Hallmark reprise)

-Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Hallmark reprise)
-Noah’s Ark (Hallmark reprise)
-The Infinite Worlds of H G Wells (Hallmark reprise)
-Blue Heelers: Season 1
-Blue Heelers: Season 2
-Blue Heelers: Season 3
-Blue Heelers: Season 4
-Blue Heelers: Season 5
-Blue Heelers: Season 6
-Blue Heelers: Season 7
-Blue Heelers: Season 8
-Various Showreels


( list incomplete )

-Underground Comedy
-Thank Heaven
-Marilyn’s Man
-Other Side of Heaven
-The Painting
-A Touch of Fate
-Devil Winds
-Dark Descent
-Barn Red
-The 4th Tenor

-Back By Midnight
-Best Thief in the World
-The House Next Door
-Finding Home
-Spirit Bear
-Maximum Velocity
-Alpha Force
-Instant Message
-Final Move
-Various Preview Discs
-Various Showreels


-NOW2005V1 (Top Chart Music Clips)
-Sherbet – Superhits
-Sherbet – Howzat!


-Transvision – Michael McDermott – Showreel
-VisionQuest – Rainforest
-VisionQuest – Dessert
-VisionQuest – Ocean Floor
-Kangaroos: Faces in the mob
-Marella (Short Film)

-Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Sydney 2010 Concert (Editor and DVD Author)


Creative and Integrative Design from Southern Tasmania!